Breastfeeding Study Controversial

Research shows bed-sharing moms breastfeed longer.

Researchers say  women who share the bed with their baby have a tendency to breastfeed longer. The study which focused on women during their child's first year  found  bed-sharing moms breastfed the longest. Results also show breastfeeding was shortest in mothers who rarely or never slept with their babies.
However, pediatricians say the benefit of bed-sharing does not outweigh the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. Cleveland Clinic Pediatrician Dr. Skyler Kalady says, "have your infant placed in a bassinet or a bed nearby the parent but not actually in the bed with an adult and that would allow the convenience of having your child nearby to nurse, but also a safe environment."

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends "room sharing" over "bed- sharing."                                                 

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