Bomb Threat Evacuation Supported

Bomb Threat Evacuation Supported

Effort was well organized according to participants.
Wednesday night's bomb threat drew a big response and resulted in the evacuation of dozens of homes around the courthouse in Hollidaysburg.
 The people involved in the effort to insure courthouse safety and security yesterday say that the evacuation made sense to them.  A number of people who live close to the Hollidaysburg Courthouse said they were surprised by a sudden knock on their door as emergency personnel started the voluntary evacuation.

"Well I was just sitting in my house and then a police officer knocked on my door and said they had to evacuate me because   there was a bomb threat in the courthouse."

Deangelo said he was a little scared but appreciated   effort to protect his safety.   Other Courthouse neighbors say they were surprised by the sudden call to evacuate but felt the situation was well handled.
 " It worked out pretty well because   we were told everything when we came here  what was going on , how long   we were gonna be  out of there, and it really was  nice to be able to know that  there was something going on in the Courthouse which could affect our building. "

While others said the sudden voluntary evacuation was inconvenient, they agreed with the way it was handled.

"Yes I do,   I think they did their job   and it kept the panic from happening   and every thing like it could have happened."    

Other courthouse neighbors said it was an odd experience being asked to leave their homes suddenly.
"I mean   it was just weird to be in your house one second   and have to pack up some stuff and not know where to go or want to do or how long you would be gone."

 Many of those forced from their homes ended up at the Phoenix Fire Hall where they were supported by the local Red Cross chapter during the relatively short evacuation

"It went very well, everything was very organized   and happily we did not have to open a shelter for over night accommodations.   Everyone went home about midnight."  

 Both public safety officers and county officials say they were pleased with how the evacuation and search  turned out.   They told a night like this was the pay-off for a number of safety drills that have been done in the past.

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