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Bomb Investigation to FBI

Altoona Police turn to Federal Authorities.
ALTOONA - Eighteen year old Vladislav Miftakhov remains in the Blair County Prison.   The Federal Bureau of Investigation has officially taken over the criminal investigation that started with the arrest of the Penn State Altoona student over the weekend.
Miftakhov   is facing a long list of serious criminal charges that include possessing a weapon of mass destruction and risking a catastrophe. The charges are based on materials that were seized from his off campus apartment over the weekend.      
It was on Friday afternoon when Altoona police and other law enforcement agencies were called to his apartment in the 100 block of North Ninth Avenue in  the Juanita Section of Altoona  on reports of a  developing   marijuana growing operation.   Once in the apartment of the Penn State Altoona engineering student, Police say they observed a briefcase that caused some concern. 
"Once they opened the briefcase,   it became immediately apparent   to him that there were two, for lack of a better word, bombs   and assorted bomb making materials which were contained in the brief case."     
Among the items found in that case were a number of exposed fuses and potentially dangerous chemicals that included potassium nitrate, atomized magnesium and potassium perchlorate, all of   which can be key components in a bomb making process.  That's when Altoona police called in State and Federal explosive experts.
"Because you are dealing with a foreign national,   this may not be somebody who is just tinkering with explosives.   That is not necessarily a normal human endeavor,   and the FBI in addition to being a law enforcement agency, they are concerned with possible terrorist implications or what not."   

While Miftakov told police he planned to set off the explosives in a remote field, he has still been charged with several felonies and misdemeanors including possessing a weapon of mass destruction and risking a catastrophe.  He remains in the Blair Country Prison with his bail set at  $500,000.

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