Blair Hires Reassessment Consultant

Blair Hires Reassessment Consultant

Step toward reassessment taken
HOLLIDAYSBURG - A consultant has been hired review some property values in county and determine if the current system is unfair to some property owners.
All three Blair County Commissioners are in agreement that after fifty eight years,  a county wide reassessment is long over due. That's why the Board in Hollidaysburg is moving ahead and taking a step that should help clear the way for the re-working of all property values in county.    

The Blair County leaders say they are concerned that the current system for determining the property taxes on the sixty six thousand  parcels in the county is unfair.
"Here in the county,  we know every year,  when we are hearing our tax appeals,     we are hearing more and more complaints,   some body will come in and say   well gee,  i have the smallest house,    the smallest lot in my neighborhood,    but  am paying more taxes than anybody  else.  Why is that?"  

To examine the problem of uneven taxes, the County has hired a Pittsburgh based consulting firm that will review the taxes paid on some properties and make recommendations on how to correct any problems of uneven taxes that are found.  Supporters of reassessment say the consultant should provide valuable information as the process moves forward.
"This firm will look at the inequities in the reassessment,   neighborhood by neighborhood,    and have that report to us in the near future,   so that we can then proceed  all the steps that are needed   for possible reassessment."   

In the Assessment office in the basement of the Courthouse, where all property records are currently stored on paper cards, there is plenty of support for updating the current system.

"Yes I believe it is just because there have been no adjustments made, or modifications made for over fifty years, to the taxing base, and that has created the inequities as we see them today." 

This examination of some Blair County property values is expected to be completed within six weeks and cost the county seven thousand dollars.  The Commissioners say they will use the new information as move ahead in planning for the county wide reassessment they hope to start later this year.

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