Big Jump in Autism Diagnoses

There's been a big jump in the number of kids being diagnosed with autism.                   
New numbers from the CDC show a significant jump in children with autism.

The report finds that one in 88 children are now diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, the highest estimate to date. Autism disorders are now found to be almost five times more common in boys than girls, affecting one  in 54 boys compared to one in 252 girls.

The study also finds more children are being diagnosed by age 3, but 40 percent of kids still aren't diagnosed until after they're 4.

Experts don't know if awareness has lead to the higher number or if more and more children are autistic.  Dr. Max Wiznitzer of Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital says, "better recognition, greater awareness, inclusion of milder cases and of course there's always the possibility that there's a true rise in incidence and if there is, that's something that has to be better investigated."
More  information on the increase in autism diagnoses
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