Back in the Game

Back in the Game

After floods heavily damaged Slugger's Bar in DuBois they say they are back and better than ever.
DUBOIS, CLEARFIELD COUNTY - Slugger's Bar in DuBois had 2 feet of water in it when floods submerged DuBois in June.

Everything minus the floors, some chairs and the booths had to be replaced.

"The phone calls were endless. As we got near opening time they were even more excited. My phone was ringing off the hook constantly about what day what time we want to be the first ones in" said Donahue.

It took 3 months, but Sluggers is back in the game.

For almost the entire baseball season this summer the bar had to be shutdown so the owner is grateful for Buctober

"The crowds are coming in. The food sales are through the roof. I never thought I'd selling the food we are selling right now" he said.

He thanks his old and new patrons.

"(It) Took a toll on us. We didn't know if we were going to make it through or not. We told you in June we were here to stay and we are here" he said.

On Friday night from 7:00pm - 10:00pm they are hosting a grand re-opening.
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