Are Super Lice Headed Our Way?

Are Super Lice Headed Our Way?

Some docs are seeing lice cases that resist treatment.

Some doctors in Western Pennsylvania say they're seeing a strain of super lice going around schools. Lice attach to hair close to the scalp, especially at the neck and behind the ears.

Dermatologists say it's easy to treat them  with over-the-counter medicated shampoos and sprays containing  permethrin, although it may take two rounds of treatment.

But now a pediatric dermatologist says she sees about ten patients a month with resistant cases, in the Pittsburgh area.  She can prescribe  a stronger presciription medicine, but it's flammable and has a strong odor.

Dr. Robin Gehris says not every case of head lice is truly resistant and that many over-the-counter products are very effective and get rid of the parasites the first time around.

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