Ambulance Service to Close

Ambulance Service to Close

Gallitzin Ambulance will close their doors Monday.
GALLITZIN, CAMBRIA COUNTY - A small emergency medical response service in Cambria County is shutting down Monday due to financial issues.

Financial pressures have been building on the people who run smaller and rural emergency medical response companies in recent months. Those financial concerns have lead to the decision to close down the Gallitzin Area Ambulance Company in Cambria County. The Gallitzin Company's Board of Directors has notified this region's emergency medical service coordinator that this medical transportation company is shutting down effective Monday.

"We have gotten some information from Gallitzin that they intend to cease their operations at 8 o'clock Monday morning. Due to financial issues. So we are working with the community and surrounding ambulance services to make sure that area has appropriate emergency response and that the area is covered for emergency calls."

The decision to close down the Gallitzin-based ambulance service was based on financial problems and a lack of available resources. The change is a big concern to many who live in the service area.

"I would like to see it stay in town, and have it be a part of our community and have a service like that but I'm just shocked that they are not gonna be working out of the Gallitzin station any more."

The loss of a hometown connection bothers some who live in the area.

"We all like this community stuff, small community stuff where somebody you know comes to take you to the hospital, or wherever."

A plan is in place to have the Cresson-based Cambria Alliance step in to provide ambulance service to the Gallitzin area.
"We provide coverage to over 100 square miles, thirteen municipalities, with a staff that is covered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have additional staffing that covers peak times that we believe we are going to have calls and that is hard to do at times."
Still for those familiar with the Gallitzin community, the loss of the local company is a blow.
"It’s a community service. They are for the local community. They know the area, they know the people. Its home town people and you can't expect more."

Details of the Gallitzin Ambulance Company shut down and the permanent replacement of that service are still being worked out. But the ambulance service provided by the company's current employees will end by Monday morning.
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