Aluma Wallet

The Aluma Wallet is an indestructible aluminum wallet that claims to be water resistant, crush resistant and ID theft resistant.
Alum Wallet

  • Is water RESISTANT but NOT water proof
  • even after being run over by a car the wallet would still snap open and close

  • Did allow water to get inside the wallet
  • Not Indestructible---the case can be crushed
  • flimsy plastic dividers actually came apart during testing
  • not comfortable for use in the hip pocket if you are going to be sitting

TEST IT TUESDAY REVIEW -- We are giving the Aluma Wallet a one star rating.  We were not able to check the ID theft resistance, but since it didn't hold up to the other promises, we are leary that id theft protection would work.  It makes  a lot of big claims and just can't live up to the hype.
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