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Altoona to Host International Beatles Conference

Calling all fans of the legendary music group, "The Beatles"! Penn State Altoona will mark the occassion of the 50th anniversary of The Beatles performance on The Ed Sullivan Show with an international event.

Author and Penn State Professor Ken Womack just released his new book, "Made to Order: The Story of Sheetz". But, before his latest effort, he was known for his extensive knowledge of the legendary band, "The Beatles". Ken has written several books on The Fab Four. 

On today's show, he reveals that Altoona will be the location for an upcoming International Beatles Conference. The dates are set for February 7th, 8th and 9th 2014. Over that weekend, the conference will mark the 50th anniversary of The Beatles performance on the Ed Sullivan Show by playing the entire broadcast from that historic day.  The three day event will also feature lectures, seminars and more!

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