Alternative Heating Systems Raise Concerns

Alternative Heating Systems Raise Concerns

Frigid temperatures result in the use of supplemental heating equipment.
ALTOONA - With frigid temperatures hitting the region, lots property owners will be looking for alternative ways to keep their families warm overnight.
Emergency responders say the use of supplemental heating equipment can mean additional safety concerns.   From space heaters to alternative fuel stoves and heaters,   people have all sorts of plans for keeping their homes warm as the temperatures fall. But experts say you also need to keep safety as a prime concern.  

As the temperatures drop to near single digits, it's a big challenge to keep some homes, especially older and drafty ones, warm and comfortable.  Along with the use of a wide variety of space heaters and alternative fuel heating systems,    fire safety professionals says extra precautions should  be taken to make sure that  the dangers  presented  are  kept to a minimum.

"Electrical heaters,  you want to make sure they are plugged directly into  the outlets, no  extension cords   you have a lot of voltage there that   extension cords can't handle,  cause a fire real easy.  And keeping children away from heaters." 

Frigid temperatures can also put a strain on utility crews and equipment.  While the cold is not as bad as freezing rain or heavy snow, there still are concerns about homeowners that put extra heating equipment on line.

"We are gong to have a lot of members  maybe are using  space heaters   at home,   you know just for some extra warming   in the house,   we just ask that those folks be cautious.  There are a number of safety concerns that   are raised with space heaters."

Despite the concerns of fire safety experts,   there has been a strong demand in recent weeks for all sorts of alternative heating equipment.  But all of them come with specific safety warnings.

 "Kerosene heaters, they do come with, on the box, is listed places   where you could use them and would not want to use them.    Obviously, never leave them unattended."  

When alternative fuels, or supplemental heating equipment is used to boost a home's central heating system, there are new points of fire danger created.  That's why extra steps should be taken to insure the safe used of that equipment.

 "And you want to make sure that all of your heaters are serviced by proper people.  That way they are burning to their efficiency and the way they are supposed to run." 

 Plenty of extra precautions should be taken to make sure that the equipment is being used safely because of significant dangers can come from the fumes, exhaust or where the alternative heating  equipment is being used.

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