A Father and Son Reunion

A Father and Son Reunion

<p>Bob Murphy always wondered about the son he never got to know.&nbsp; </p>

CENTRE HALL, CENTRE COUNTY - Bob Murphy always wondered about the son he never got to know.  Murphy said he and his high school girlfriend broke up while she was pregnant and her parents kept him from the child.  Her family eventually moved away from Centre Hall.

"We were kids so they weren't happy with the situation so it went down hill from there," Murphy said.

The social networking site Facebook turned Murphy into an online detective.  With little more than his son's name, he often searched it on the popular website.  It turned out there were a lot of Nicholas Grahams in Pennsylvania.

"When I saw his friends, there were two people in Centre Hall that he was friends with, one that I knew was his cousin.  So at that time I knew this was him," Murphy said.
"I just asked him what his mother's first name was then I knew, 100 percent."

Nicholas would eventually ask if Bob was his father.  Bob said he was.  In October, the two made plans to meet at Bella Sicilia Restaurant in Centre Hall.  But first, Bob had to tell his wife Terri.

"He was afraid to tell me because he never thought he would ever find him.  He sat me down and wasn't sure how to approach it and I was so excited.  He said you're not upset?  I said no I'm not upset.  This is awesome," Terri Murphy said.

And it was.

Nick and his fiance drove in from York County where he grew up after moving.  He was excited to meet his new family.  Bob and Terri have 6 other kids between the two of them.
Nick said he's not sure how he'll approach this with his mother, but for now he's glad to have the dad he grew up not knowing anything about.  Not even his name.

"I'm looking forward to having him in my life and seeing what it brings," Graham said.

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