A Bird That Sheds

You may have had pets that shed their fur a couple times a year. The American Goldfinch changes it feathers.

The American Goldfinch may be the state bird for New Jersey, Iowa and Washington, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t make an appearance in Pennsylvania and other states across the nation. In fact, the American Goldfinch range covers every state except Alaska and Hawaii. If you spot this bird in the spring, males are a bright yellow and shiny black color with a bit of white. But in the winter, the birds appear duller in color (as it shows in the picture). American Goldfinches are the only finch to molt feathers twice a year.

You can find this bird in Pennsylvania year-round. They feed on plants that produce seeds, including sunflowers, thistles, grey birches and dandelions, and frequent feeders during the winter months. Have you spotted American Goldfinches or other birds spending winter in Pennsylvania? Take photos and upload them to the Eyes on Central PA Mission on Project Noah!

Are you a bird enthusiast? If so, participate in the Audubon Christmas Bird Count!
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