$8 For A Gallon Of Milk?

Farm bill debate puts dairy prices in limbo.
ALTOONA - Milk prices could double without government subsidies that are set to expire and people say they aren't thrilled about the idea of paying close to eight dollars a gallon for milk.
“They have to get their act together. The whole thing is in disarray,” Robert Mattio of Hollidaysburg says.
Robert Mattio of Hollidaysburg says he drinks about two gallons of milk a week.
If prices were to go up, he'd try to cut back, but he knows not all families have that option.
“People can't afford that. Kids will go without breakfasts and without milk no doubt. Families will suffer, kids will suffer no doubt,” Mattio says.
The issue centers around funding for a federal farm bill that's been around since 1973.
Negotiations are underway in Washington, but local farmers are concerned.
 “It's very difficult, one of the main reasons is that we have children that would like to stay in farming, and if we don't know the future of farming in the country, it's hard for us to tell them to stay in this work,” Vice President of the Pennsylvania Farmers Union Hannah Smith-Brubaker says.
Smith-Brubaker says the biggest hold-up centers around funding for the SNAP program.
but she says local leaders are pushing to get to make a deal happen.
“We met with nearly all of Pennsylvania's congressional members and across the board everybody wants to see a five year farm bill, it really comes down to that nutrition title, and i really hope we can find some common ground,” Smith-Brubaker says.
And that's a step milk lovers everywhere would be on board with.
“It's crazy why people in America can't get their act together so that people the middle class can live well. Give their kids milk, give themselves milk. Vitamin D, you know, things we need to live,” Mattio says.
Without a deal, the price jump would take place in January when the current funding expires. Both the House and Senate have put forward separate farm funding plans.

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