10 Worst Toys of 2013

10 Worst Toys of 2013

Here's what you don't want Santa to put under the tree!

Fun toys can light up a child's face on Christmas morning, but they can also send   little ones to the emergency room. The 10 Most Dangerous Toys List can help you decide which ones not to put under your tree.

The toys at the Hollidaysburg YMCA  Childrens Center get a work out during playtime. They've been carefully chosen for these three year olds.

For younger children  a different standard is used. Child Development Director Sandra McGough says, "for infants and toddlers, we actually have this choke tube that's in every room, if a toy can fit in this tube it's not age appropriate for infants and toddlers."

Geisinger Family Physican Dr. Shane Newhouser says a toilet paper tube serves the same purpose, but you also need to look at other potential hazards in  the toys you buy, adding, "a lot of these toys are made in another country where they don't have as strict rules."

He also says, "there's not as much testing put into toys before they hit the market as you would think. As a matter of fact, there's 20 toys recalled in the past year just for choking hazards."

One consumer group has come up with the 10 Worst Toys, a list you can find online. Among them, a Disney Princess Backpack Fishing Kit. It contains lead.

"What really makes it dangerous is that lead paint tastes sweet so children are naturally atracted to it and they spend a lot of time either chewing on it or sucking on it," Dr. Newhouser says.

McGough says you can't depend on a name brand toy to be safer. The Disney Baby Snow White for kids two and older has a detachable headband that a small child could choke on.

Traditional toys like a slingshot, a  drum set, and a boomerang also make the Worst Toys List, although they were probably under the trees of many parents.

But according to Newhouser,  that doesn't mean they're safe for kids. "We've made a lot of progress in terms of getting the word out to the public in terms of not using things like that,"he says.

Even the old Fisher Price Little People have been replaced by bigger safer versions

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