Camp Chronicles: Bald Eagle Area

WINGATE, CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. - - With full year under Ron Hoover's coaching, the Bald Eagles have a better idea of what they're head coach is looking for in 2015.

That should lead to a much better season at Bald Eagle Area.

"Since I'm a senior I want to step up this year. I already put a lot of work into the offseason.  I think it's important that all the younger kids step up too, because we have a lot of new kids coming in," said linebacker Elliot Peters.

One thing that should lead to success on the offensive side of the ball is an much improved offensive line.

"We have a solid line this year, we're going to be great this year.  We had a lot of ups and downs last year.  We've worked on a lot of stuff.  We'll be good this year," said senior lineman Josh Fye.


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