Penguins' "Boston 617" Decals Made Locally

The Pittsburgh Penguins honored Boston last week by wearing "Boston 617" helmet decals.  What you may not know, is that the "Boston 617" logo was designed at Richland Plastics & Engraving, by co-owner Stan Haberkorn.  The company also made the decals worn on the Pens' helmets.

"I just thought the skyline of Boston would be pretty cool to have," says Haberkorn, talking about how he came up with the design.  "And I always use the American flag on things. The 617 is Boston's area code."

Haberkorn actually came up with four different designs that were shown to the Penguins.

"Some of them just had the word Boston on there and the 617 and I put M-A-S-S on the bottom," says Haberkorn.  "All the guys that work here, we all liked [the Boston 617 design] the best.  I think Ray Shero is the one that ended up choosing the actual design."

Haberkorn was picked to design the logo for the Penguins because of his relationship with the Pens' equipment manager, Dana Heinze, a Johnstown native.

"Ever since he's been working with the [Johnstown] Chiefs I've been doing work for him," says Haberkorn.  "I know he's been in a few different cities with different teams and we've always done signage for him.

The store also does the signage for the Penguins' locker rooms.  But, Haberkorn says designing a special logo for the team was truly something special.

"To do something on this scale, it was an honor to do it," says Haberkorn.  "And I'm proud that they chose it."

If you'd like to pick up your own Boston 617 decal, you can stop by the store.  60% of the proceeds will be going to those affected in Boston.

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