Penn State Football Forecast

Penn State vs. Wisconsin
Kickoff:  Saturday, November 24th @ 3:30pm
Forecast by:  Chief Meteorologist Joe Murgo

Hello Nittany Nation!

Long ago when we first saw this game scheduled for the Saturday after Thanksgiving we knew that it had the potential for being a cold one. While it can be colder this time of the year, it's going to feel harsh as we are just not used to what is coming our way. A cold front will move across the state on Friday. In its wake Saturday will be windy and cold in State College with plenty of clouds, some flurries and perhaps even a ground whitening snow shower or two. Coming to the stadium from the western half of the state poses the best chance for running into some snow on the roads on the way to the stadium, especially on some of the ridges Therefore, if you are coming from these locations you may want to give yourself a little more time. Coming in from the east looks like it will pose no problems.

It will be windy for the pregame tailgates with the flurries and snow showers helping to keep temperatures in the 30s. We'll have a kick off temperature of about 33 with the wind making it feel colder than that. Make sure you wear enough layers into the stadium and don't forget the hat and gloves as temperatures will drop into the 20s by the end of the game. The conditions will make it a little harsh on the fans and may have a little impact on the players. The trip home to the east should be fine, but if you are going back to the western part of the state, you may run into snowcovered roads on the ridges.

Fight on State!

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