Penn State Fires Back Over Scrutiny

STATE COLLEGE - The Sports Illustrated article calls into question the way Penn State's Athletic Department is handling its medical care. Penn State didn't waste any time pushing back, releasing a response to the article before it was even posted online.

Dr. Wayne Sebastianelli has been a part of Penn State's Athletic Medicine Program for more than 20 years.

A Sports Illustrated article set to be released later this week says Sebastianelli was told he will no longer be working with the football team after a review from Penn State Head Coach Bill O'Brien.

The University says otherwise.

"Contrary to the reporter's assertions, Dr. Sebastianelli remains the doctor in charge of the University's entire medical program for intercollegiate athletics, including football." A Penn State statement reads.

The article cites named and un-named sources around Penn State that say a long time rivalry between Athletic Director David Joyner and Sebastianelli led to the change.

Joyner said in a statement any changes to the staff, wouldn't affect the quality of care.

"The present medical care model is very consistent with peer institutions in the Big Ten and elsewhere. The present system offers appropriate and exceptional medical care for our student-athletes." Joyner's statement says.

Current athletic trainer Tim Bream is also targeted in the article.

Bream is said to have provided players anti-inflammatory drugs, and treatments he's not qualified to perform

An excerpt from the article says "these include using an x-ray machine, administering an inhaler to a player who does not have asthma and lancing a boil on a player's neck"

Penn State says they did investigate those claims against Bream, but found no substantial evidence to support the allegations.

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