Curve Being Powered by Mustaches

By Jaime Baker

Published 08/06 2014 11:50PM

Updated 08/06 2014 11:57PM

The Altoona Curve has been on fire since the All-Star Break.

They had won 13 of 18 and 5 straight before hitting the road on Tuesday.

The pitching has been great, the hitting has been timely and the defense has been solid.

But when the guys were asked what the key to their success has been, none of those three things were the answer.

It's not the pitcher's arms...

They say it's the power of their ‘staches.

“I don't really know why it started. I think we just kind of started it and we decided we looked really good with them. So we kept it going,” says Quinton Miller

The mustache's have been a thing in baseball for a while, especially among pitchers.

Collin Balester has rocked the facial hair for years, but shaved to look more professional when he got to Altoona.

“ Yeah, I talked to Ryan Beckman and he says-I've been talking to him for a couple weeks and he didn't tell me anything about a mustache but if he would have, I would have at least come with a mustache,” says Balester

Now the real question: With the end of the season approaching, how much longer will these mustaches be in full effect?

“ I plan on keeping mine till death. Sooo...I'm all in,” Millers says.

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