International Media Covering PGA Championship

- Nearly 260 media outlets are in Rochester for the PGA championship. Some newspaper reporters traveled extremely long distances to be at Oak Hill.

Media outlets from more than 18 countries are here following the players and giving their hometowns daily updates. For some, it can be quite a challenge. Coming from Osaka, Japan, Hirokazu Katos' world is literally upside down. Kato reports for the Osaka newspaper and since Japan is nearly a day ahead of the U.S., his translator says he has to send reports at odd hours.

"We have a jet lag opposite; day and night, difficult to adjust time," he said.

The Ottawa Citizen is also in town. Gord Holder is working hard to produce eight stories every three days.

"Technology is wonderful thing makes job of sending story easier than every downside do more stuff," Holder said.

And Ben Everill from the Australian Associated Press is keeping a close eye on aussie Adam Scott. His responsibility is to send updates to every radio station and newspaper in Australia.

"[It] has it's ups and downs great job life on the road can be long and tedious," he said.

It is a never ending flow of knowledge at the media tent. All 260 outlets are working hard to get the latest information back to their home state or country first.

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