"Chefing It Up" For The PGA

- It takes a lot of food to feed the hundreds of thousands of golf fans at the PGA Championship.

"I would guest-imate it at about 200 to 300,000 pounds," Steve Schiele said. "It'll be gone, we'll use every last bit of it."

Steve Schiele is the executive chef for the PGA Championship. Chef Schiele rises before the sun does.

"We get here early, [about] 4:30[a.m.]. We're here ready to feed breakfast to about 5,000 people, and then the general concessions open and we're prepared to feed about 30 to 35,000 people in that area and then in our premium chalets we feed about 8,000 people," he said.

This is not Chef Schiele's first time feeding PGA Championship fans. He has worked eight championships and says each time he includes local favorites on the menu.

"Local farmed produce, local dairies and cheeses; so its been a lot of fun using the food that's from the area," he said.

Months of planning and a small army of staff all to make sure no fan leaves with an empty stomach.

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