A Day In The Life Of A PGA Score Keeper

- There are close to 7,000 volunteers at Oak Hill Country Club. The only ones allowed inside the ropes on the course are the walking scorers.

If you are ranking levels of importance when it comes to who's on the green, it would be the pros, the caddies and then the walking scorers.

"Well it's nerve-racking. They said when we were training 'don't be nervous scores are only going to two billion people no pressure,'" Kathy Hoff said.

The score keepers are responsible for walking the full 18 holes with certain players and taking down every single shot taken with this hand held device. At the end of each hole the walking scorers relay the results back to scoring control so they can promptly update the leader board.

"It's the only job you're inside the ropes; what you do is important need to know rules golf feel like you're part of everything," Julie Odenbach said.

And how do you know if you're doing a good job? If no one notices you.

"The difficulty is being focused; the problem is you can become a fan watching game forgetting you're out there to keep score tracking everything," Larry Hay said.

The walking scorers need to make sure they are always on their game and just in case of any difficulties they always carry a pen and paper.

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