Nittany Nation in Ireland: The Adjustment Period

By WTAJ News , Jacob Kaucher

Published 08/28 2014 02:53PM

Updated 06/25 2015 03:03PM

DUBLIN, IRELAND – Penn State Football has been adjusting to Ireland since their landing Wednesday, from the different time zone to the customs of the country.

The only sightseeing the Nittany Lions have done so far is what they’ve glimpsed driving from the airport to the practice field and the team hotel.

In that brief time, many of the Nittany Lions have been taken aback by Dublin. For cornerback Jordan Lucas though, it’s another aspect of Ireland that catches his eye.

“The side that you drive on and which way you have to look when you're crossing the street. That's what got me the most,” said Lucas, referring to how people in Ireland drive on the left side of the road. “The sights are amazing. But that's what got me the most. Shoot, you might not catch me walking. But yeah, you definitely have to be careful.”

Lucas has some concerns beyond the traffic. The junior sat out the team’s journey to the top of Croke Park due to his fear of heights.

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