We Have Three (3) Locations To Serve You:

Hollidaysburg, PA
Logan Medical Building
800 S. Logan Blvd. 
Suite 3100 Hollidaysburg, PA 16648
Phone: (814) 946-5151 | Fax: (888) 965-9908

Bedford, PA
(Behind Bedford Hospital)
202 Memorial Dr Suite 3 Everett, PA 15537
Phone: (814) 623-5007 | Fax: (888) 965-9908

McConnellsburg, PA
Fulton County Medical Center Specialty Services
214 Peach Orchard Road McConnellsburg, PA 17233
Phone: (717) 485-6110 | Fax: (888) 965-9908

Dr. Susan Parr is a Board-Certified Doctor of Audiology with over 30 years of extensive clinical experience diagnosing and treating hearing, tinnitus, and balance problems. Her team consists of Dr. Anna Bixler, also a Board-Certified Doctor of Audiology, and herself, Dr. Susan Parr. They offer the most thorough audiological evaluations using evidence-based procedures and advanced state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment in the profession today.

All patients receive a detailed explanation of all their test results and how best to proceed with their care. Patients will learn the impact on their life from the sounds that they are not hearing. If needed, Dr. Parr or Dr. Bixler will determine which hearing aid manufacturer and technology best solves their loss of understanding. This allows the patient to be a part of the conversation again!

If balance issues are the problem, Parrs Pro Hearing has the most advanced equipment to evaluate dizziness and to interpret the results. Dr. Parr is affiliated with the American Institute of Balance and is certified in vestibular rehabilitation.

Children with a history of ear infections or academic problems can be evaluated for auditory processing disorders. Based on the evaluation and diagnosis, a treatment plan will be determined.


Q. How many locations do you have?

A. We have 3 locations. One in Hollidaysburg on Logan Boulevard, One in Bedford behind the hospital and one in McConnellsburg.  

Q. Do you treat children? 
A. Yes, we do. We treat patients of all ages.

Q. What kind of equipment do you use?
A. We use advanced state of the art diagnostic equipment.  

Q. How much does a screening cost?
A. We have a no cost hearing screening which includes four frequencies in each ear performed in a sound treated booth meeting ANSI standards and it only take a few minutes.

Q. Do you carry hearing aids?  
A. Yes. Parr’s Pro Hearing offers all technology levels and sizes of hearing aids from Invisible-In-the-Canal (IIC) hearing aids to small Behind-the-Ear (RIC) hearing aids. We carry hearing aids from all major hearing aid manufacturers.




Our Professional Services Include:

• The most thorough and expert hearing evaluations utilizing the most advanced audiological equipment and protocols to diagnose the type, degree, configuration, word processing ability, and symmetry performed in a sound treated booth meeting ANSI Standards.

• Infant hearing evaluations and pediatric visual reinforcement audiometry.

• Middle ear analysis including tympanometry and acoustic reflexes, which measures middle ear system to determine how the eardrum moves, whether there is fluid in the middle ear space, volume of the ear canal, how the Eustachian tube functions, and how the muscles contract to loud sounds.

• Outer hair cell function testing using otoacoustic emissions both transient evoked and distortion products. These tests measure the firing of the nerve fibers in the cochlea and can be performed on children to determine if there is a response at all of the frequencies for speech and language development. OAEs are part of our tinnitus evaluations.

• Comprehensive Dizziness and Balance Testing (ENG/VNG) resulting in diagnosis based vestibular rehabilitation protocols.

• Video otoscopy for detailed viewing of your ear canal and eardrum. See for yourself if you have cerumen, which is earwax impacting the canal and making it harder to hear.

• Tinnitus (ringing in your ears or head noise) evaluations, counseling and retraining therapy. We match the tinnitus, which is helpful in the diagnosis and treatment options.

• Auditory processing evaluations to determine how the brain is processing the auditory information it receives and therapy to remediate any deficits.

• Monitoring hearing for patients on ototoxic medications, chemotherapy, and radiation.

• Hearing technology evaluation using state of the art hearing devices to optimize your hearing range. Exceptional follow-up care guarantees your ongoing personalized service at no cost ensuring your satisfaction for the life of the warranty. Even the highest priced hearing aids will disappoint you if they are not suited for your range and programmed for clarity. Fittings are verified with real ear measurements that are the standard of care.

• Hearing loss simulator allow your family members to "hear" a simulation of your hearing range.

• Hearing aid repair of most manufacturers and models.

• Hearing conservation programs for industries, including all five elements for OSHA compliance.

• Noise protection for musicians, hunters, and competitive shooters.

• No cost hearing screening. This is a basic screening of your hearing at four frequencies in each ear performed in a sound treated booth meeting ANSI standards. It only takes a few minutes to obtain a profile of your hearing performed by a licensed hearing aid dispenser.

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