Work begins on popular corn maze

Weakland Farm

Portage, Cambria County, Pa - It's only mid-July but a local farm is already preparing for its annual corn maze.

The owners of the Weakland Farm in Portage are planning a Pirate theme this year.

Paul and Joyce Moses have been building the maze for 14 years and each year there is a different design.

With just a pencil sketch in hand, Joyce walks through the corn as her husband mows a path through the 11-acre field.

"We're no expert on it," admits Paul Moses. "We didn't get a degree in corn maze cutting or anything. We just started from square one and we learn as we go."

Joyce admits, they sort of wing it.

"We just go in and look at the field and say okay if we cut it here I think that will look how we want it to. And it does, laughs Joyce.

The maze won't open for another two months, but the couple says they have to start cutting the stalks now before they get too high.

"See where they are at now I know which direction to go, how far to go," says Paul. "If the corn is up eight feet high you can't see anyone so you have to cut it when it is low."

The Weakland Farm has been in Joyce's family since 1959. They started the corn maze to give the kids something fun to do.

"It's sad that the year we started the corn maze my dad died," said Joyce. "He never got to see that going on."

Creating the annual corn maze has become a family tradition.

It will open the first weekend in September and run until the end of October.


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