Wet, Freezing Roads Could Cause Problems

By Jim Madalinsky

Published 01/06 2014 03:09PM

Updated 01/06 2014 05:52PM

ALTOONA - While everyone gets their hats and gloves ready for Tuesday's freezing temperatures, PennDOT spent Monday on the streets, trying to dry off these wet roads before they freeze.
“It's very critical. This is when we want to do our best to get them to dry off, freeze dry that way we don't have the ice issues,” PennDOT Assistant Maintenance Manager David Cammer says.
It's not a snow storm, but PennDOT says it can be just as bad.
Roads, still wet from recent winter weather, could create an icy travel mess.
PennDOT is pre-treating roads in advance using both salt and non-salt solutions for when the temperatures really drop.
“Once you get into the single digits salt is pretty much useless. It takes so long to work and activate that you're better off with anti-skid,” Cammer says.
Other than that, they say the cold shouldn't be a huge problem.
“Once it's dry it's fine for us. Any snow will just blow right off. Our biggest concern will be the equipment,” Cammer says.
They say fuel lines can freeze along with some of their pumps, and they'll be on alert throughout the night to make sure their trucks are ready when needed.
“We have snow patrols that run 24/7 so we will be starting all the trucks periodically to make sure they're running and that when we need them they are ready to go,” Cammer says.
That car trouble isn't limited to trucks either. PennDOT says stranded vehicles could be a problem. When it's this cold it's important to start a car a little earlier than normal, and also it's a good idea to have some form of winter survival kit handy in your vehicle if you are traveling Tuesday.

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