Waterproof wheelchair unveiled

Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pa. - A new waterproof motorized wheelchair, developed by engineers at the University of Pittsburgh was unveiled Friday at a theme park, built for people with disabilities.
Pitt says ten of the chairs will be available to patrons when the Morgan's Inspiration Islands splash park opens this spring at the park in San Antonio, Texas.
The PneuChair  uses compressed air as an energy source instead of heavy batteries and electronics.The wheelchair was designed, developed and constructed at Pitt's Human Engineering Research Laboratories (HERL), a joint effort between the university, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and UPMC.
Rory Cooper, HERL director and distinguished professor in the Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology said, "The potential to open opportunities for people with disabilities who need powered mobility to access splash parks, water parks, beaches or pools is transformative."

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