Voting Turnout Stays Low

STATE COLLEGE, CENTRE COUNTY - Between 16%-18% of people cast their vote in Centre County.

The HUB only had three people submit absentee ballots.

Despite races for Mayor, Judge, and Supervisors, it was a low turnout in Centre County. The turnout has been compared to 2009, where just  16% of voters came out to cast ballots.

That trend was also true in Centre Hall. Only 221 voters came out. To put that in perspective, an average year is about 350.

It was surprising to many, because the school board race there has been a big talker locally.

Cleo B. Matter is an Election Judge in Centre Hall. She's been one for for about 30 years. She says while primaries are usually slow, this turnout was "very low".

She thinks the school board race played a part.

"...It all has to do with our RAM Centre. And it's sort of split our community... A lot of the people that are on the ballot, are maybe some of these ones were on the board before. And that sort of just upset people..."

Matter adds she expects a much bigger turnout in November for the general election.

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