Voting To Honor Her Father

ALTOONA - Primary voting may lack the attention and voter turnout of general and Presidential elections, but one woman in Central Pennsylvania refuses to miss any election.

Harriett Gaston, one of few voters earlier in the day at fire station #3 in Altoona, told WTAJ news she has yet to miss an election.

Gaston said she votes in honor of her father.

"I'm from the South," said Gaston, President of the African-American Heritage Project of Blair County. "My father participated in the sit-ins and many of the voting and civil rights acts in that time, so in many ways if he didn't do what he did, I wouldn't have the rights I have," she added.

Gaston has lived in Altoona for 23 years, and is an Academic Counselor at Penn State's Altoona branch.

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