Voters Weigh In On "Do Nothing" Congress

By Ashley Doerzbacher

Published 08/03 2014 06:58PM

Updated 08/03 2014 06:59PM

ALTOONA - Congress is about to start their recess, where they'll go back to their districts and hear from constituents.
For many of them, this is also prime time for campaigning.
"The Congress's job is simply one thing, they have to do one thing and one thing only, and that's to run for reelection, and they do just fine doing that, I don't see what the problem is," said Steve Detsuch, of State College.
And it seems like a lot of people share that sentiment when it comes to our members of congress.
"They can't get along. It's strictly by republican democrat,” said Michael Glashauser, of Altoona. “There's no working together. They should all be voted out as far as I'm concerned."
The president has called them a "do nothing congress." Even though they were able to pass transportation, immigration and VA bills before they went off on their 5-week vacation, people we talked say they're still not doing enough.
"There's something that simply had to be done, whether those are all the correct things, it's hard to say this is really a unique situation we're in and it's a mess all at the same time," said Michael Hemberger, of Altoona.
As for when they come back, well, voters don't seem to have too much trust in the people they elected to represent them.
"As long as you have republican control in the House of Representatives, they're going play their side, Obama's going to play his side," said Jesse Hicks, of Altoona.
"I think probably as the rest of the nation they'd find some particular way to find a meeting point between the two of them,” said Hemberger. “Although I have to admit, that it's been so difficult I'm not holding out a lot of hope."
Over the weekend, we talked with Congressman Glenn Thompson, and he said he's disappointed that the president would call them a "do nothing" congress. He said they've made some progress on tough issues.

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