Victim Relieved To See Suspect Charged

By Jim Madalinsky

Published 07/09 2014 05:22PM

Updated 07/09 2014 05:28PM

HOLLIDAYSBURG, BLAIR COUNTY - Hollidaysburg Police believe at least 30 to 40 cars were broken into by 44 year old Christopher Johnston and they wouldn't be surprised if that number ends up being much higher.
“I came and I looked and my window was completely shattered and there was glass everywhere,” Juliana Piacentini says.
Juliana Piacentini was hanging out at the pool at the Blairmont Club in mid-June.
She had just finished her 1st year at college, when her car was broken into.
“I immediately called my dad and said cancel my debit card and was just kinda like standing around asking like what do I do?” Piacentini says.
Her wristlet with her driver’s license, debit card, school id and some cash was stolen.
Hollidaysburg Police filed charges against 44 year old Christopher Johnston.
According to the criminal complaint, police found a garbage bag full of purses, wallets and identification cards in Johnston's bedroom closet during a search.
The thefts happened at local parks, the Hollidaysburg YMCA and other spots across the area in broad daylight.
 “He was blending in a little bit. I don't want to say a whole lot about what he was using at this particular time, but what he was using to hide the theft would not look outside the normal for the area he was in,” Chief Jeffrey Ketner, Hollidaysburg Police says.
It's a string Hollidaysburg Police Chief Jeffrey Ketner says he doesn't see very often.
“Sometimes we'll get two or three and then we'll get a line on them and make an arrest, but to have this magnitude and then to spread outside of Hollidaysburg into other jurisdictions, it's unusual,” Chief Ketner says.
But it's not Johnston's first run in with the law. Court documents show he was arrested and pleaded guilty for doing the same thing in 2009.
For now Piacentini hopes she can stop worrying every time she parks her car.
“It was definitely a relief and I'm just happy they could catch the guy before he was able to do it to anyone else., Piecentini says.
Juliana did get her wristlet back, but had to get a new debit card and ID's. Hollidaysburg Police are asking anyone who may have gone through a similar situation recently to give them a call.

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