Varsity Cafe Moving Out

ALTOONA, BLAIR COUNTY - Altoona businesses are worried about Legal Drugs coming into the neighborhood. They're upset that a business known for selling "Blizzard Bath Salts" said they were moving next door.

Jay Patel owns the Tandoor King in Ivyside Plaza. He says customers at the Varsity Cafe buy Blizzard and use it to get high in the parking lot all the businesses share. He says the people look like zombies and are scaring away business.

According to a legal notice posted on the building, the Varsity Cafe was kicked out for not paying their rent. This weekend the cafe posted their own note saying they were moving to the 1800 block of Union Avenue, in Altoona. Patel is happy they're leaving, but he's already started warning businesses in the area.

Nardo's cafe is about a block away. John Nardozza is also warning his neighbors. He says they don't want that kind of thing happening in their parking lot. Patel warned him what happened at the Ivyside Plaza, and he was determined not to let the same thing happen to him.

Another local businessperson told WTAJ late Monday afternoon the owners of the building the Caf was moving into changed their minds and are not going to rent to the Varsity Cafe. They say they didn't know everything that was on the cafe's menu.

All the numbers associated with the varsity cafe have been disconnected, and their website is down.

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