Unsigned Budget Impacting Schools

By Ali Ingersoll

Published 07/02 2014 11:21PM

Updated 07/02 2014 11:53PM

While the budget sits unsigned, school districts across Pennsylvania remain in limbo, not knowing how much state funding they'll receive for the upcoming school year.

"At this point, we'll just wait and see," says Donna Watson, the State College Area School District's Assistant Business Administrator.

Governor Tom Corbett says people like Watson, and those in school districts all across the state, will keep waiting until there is pension reform.

"We are going to continue our reviews," says Gov. Corbett. "We are waiting for the fiscal code.  But I continue to urge the legislature to move forward on pension reform now; get the bill out of the committee; bring it back up and let the people of PA see who's for them and who's for the special interests."

Watson says she expects the new budget, if signed, to give the district a slight increase in funding and pension reimbursement.

"We would not like to see the collars changed for pension where we funding less," says Watson.  "We feel that that would just be prolonging the funding issues."

Watson says the state's funding is used to pay wages, district expenses and fund basic education and special education. 

The lack of funding increases public school districts would not receive if the Governor vetoes the budget concerns some people.

"The school districts cannot operate as they should if they don't have the funding they need," says Eric Kline, a Bellefonte parent who's son has special needs and require extra care in school.

Kline and others feel the state legislators need to make education a priority.

"The last few years, all we've ever heard of is cuts here and cuts there," says Kline. "It's made a very large impact."

"I really don't think they care about us, as high school students, but themselves," says Alexis Nevel, a Bald Eagle High School Student.

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