Truck fire scorches delivery driver

College Township, Centre County - Employees for CLW Delivery were scheduled to drop off appliances at a home off of Balmoral Circle in College Twp.

Around 9 a.m. James Wofford said he and Dave Shaffer parked and introduced themselves to the homeowners; only to come back and find their work vehicle spewing.

Rich Fickes, Delivering Manager for CLW Delivery, said it was then that they saw smoke coming from the front end of the truck.

Wofford said he rushed back to the house to tell the residents to call 9-1-1, while Shaffer tried to contain the fire.

"Once he realized there were flames in there, he tried grabbing the fire extinguisher," Fickes said.

"[I] come back out, his head was on fire, from leaning into the truck," Wofford said.

Emergency response teams arrived on scene and Shaffer was taken to the burn unit at Lehigh Valley in Allentown.

"He was burnt so bad on his arm and on his ear that they're just concerned about infections. So other than the burns, he's doing ok, a little shook up, but he's ok," Fickes said.

Fickes said their field may seem routine, but it comes with its own risks.

"They're carrying heavy merchandise, in and out of homes, we deal with bad weather, and the snow, so there's always the possibility of somebody being hurt, yes," Fickes said.

But Wofford said he never envisioned a shift like this.

"It's definitely up there in the worst deliveries," Wofford said.

While they may transport pricey products this incident puts things in perspective.

"All this stuff is just material things, it's not that important. Like I said my biggest concern is my driver right now," Fickes said.

And highlights the real precious cargo.

Officials don't know what sparked the flames.

Jason Troup, Asst. Fire Chief for Alpha Fire Company, said there's no sign of suspicious activity.

He added that the Centre County Fire Marshal will continue investigating the case.

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