Treasure Lake residents shocked after popular restaurant will unexpectedly close

DuBois, CLearfield County, Pa. - Employees of the Ski Lodge in Treasure lake were told that come Sunday, they would be out of a job. An employee says this decision came unexpectedly. The same employee saying the business was not given a reason on why the decision was made. 

 According to the ski lodge employees, property owners association is terminating the lease of the restaurant. The business has been privately rented out from the p-o-a in treasure lake for more than 16 years. The full service bar and restaurant  open to the public, despite being located in a the gated community in DuBois. 

The lodge was known as a place for food, drinks and live music. Two stages were located both inside and outdoors on the property. Residents and members of the community expressed shock as they learned of the restaurants fate. 

Treasure Lake Property Owner's Association declined to release any information Wednesday surround it's decision, simply stating that a statement will be released sometime in the near future. The last day the Ski Lodge is expected to be open for business is this upcoming Sunday. 

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