Transition day for students

DuBOIS, CLEARFIELD COUNTY, Pa. - Students in Clearfield County got a look at their new school today.

" I could see the smiles through the windows of the bus, as the students entered the building- it was just excitement," Luthersburg & CG Johnson Principal Dr. Edward Dombroski said.

Last month the DuBois School Board decided to close three out of seven elementary schools in the district. Today, students at Wasson Elementary welcomed in the kids who will soon be their classmates for transition day.

"i think it's so important that we have a smooth transition for them so they can come in and be happy and comfortable in their new school," Wasson Elementary Principal Kathleen Ginther said.

For some, it was their first time inside Wasson Elementary.

"Yes it's bigger, different and scary," Luthersburg third grader Virginia Myers said.

For others, familiar faces helped them feel more comfortable.

"Well my cousin is here," Luthersburg third grader Audrey Kennis said. "Brandon, he's on my baseball team."

 It was a day full of events, making sure every student feels welcome.

"Kids are pretty resilient," Luthersburg third grade teacher Allison Sayers said. "They're open to new things and they're excited for what next year will bring."

"We're going to help them out and they're going to be awesome," Wasson third grader Caleb Gibson said. 

Making this transition, just a little bit easier.
"I think all these people that are coming into this school is exciting and I get to meet new people and I love everyone," Wasson third grader Madison Andris said.
This is just the first step in the transition process. All three schools will be having parents days and meet and greets in the coming weeks.


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