Traffic, Trash Are Major Concerns During Move In

By Ali Ingersoll

Published 08/22 2014 11:44PM

Updated 08/23 2014 12:00AM

Traffic and trash are the two things borough officials say are the biggest concerns during move in weekend. This year, they're doing more to help keep the area clean and clear while students settle in for the school year.

Police are expecting around 20,000 to come to State College during the move in weekend at Penn State University.

"I'm just kind of trying to take it in," says Doug Clarkson, a freshman moving into East Halls and away from home for the first time.  "I haven't really unpacked and moved in a new spot ever in my life so this is the first time."

Clarkson says the trip getting into State College took longer than he expected.

"It's kind of crazy out there, like, all the cars and everyone moving in," says Clarkson.  "It took a while to get here."

Police are being proactive during move in weekend, trying to work with people who are coming from out of time.  Friday and Saturday morning, they're closing the 600 block of East College Avenue, the area outside the Meridian, to create parking for people moving in to apartment buildings on that side of town. 

"What we're trying to do is be as relaxed as w possible can be when it comes to parking," says Lt. Chris Fishel with the State College Police Department.  "But we can't be relaxed when it comes to safety."

The borough is also getting in front of the action - they've added 13 bins around downtown for students to fill with unwanted items and trash.

"It really works well for people to discard broke and unwanted furniture," says Ed Holmes from the State College Borough Department of Public Works.  "It also saves our crew some time picking up those pieces."

Holmes says the bins are placed deliberately around fraternity house and major apartment complexes.  Students, like Josh Tonn, appreciate the borough's efforts.

"It's convenient because the borough is really hard on putting stuff on the side of the road," says Tonn, a junior who is the president of the Kappa Delta Rho Fraternity.  "I know we've gotten points for having old couches on the side, waiting to get picked up."

Holmes says ease and beauty are the main objectives for having these containers around during move in.

"I'd much rather have it in a container that can be managed that way rather than having it sitting on the curb," says Holmes.  "I think it does make the neighborhood a little less attractive if it's strewn about the street."

Holmes adds the bins will be around downtown for a few more weeks as students get situated. He also says if a student living in the borough needs help recycling something, like electronics or other large objects, to give them a call at (814) 234-7100.

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