Tourniquet training for teachers

Johnstown, Pa. - Stop the Bleed program trains teachers how to use tourniquets correctly and stop someone from bleeding, so they have a better chance of surviving.
The Stop the Bleed program started in 2016 after an order by President Obama, specifically in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.
Thursday, teachers at Greater Johnstown High School received the Stop the Bleed kits. The entire staff completed the Stop the Bleed training back in March.
Each kit costs about $350. Greater Johnstown High School received five in total and will place them throughout the school.
Tom Causer works with Conemaugh Hospital. He trains faculty and staff at schools in the area for the Stop the Bleed program. However, he said they don't want the training to end there.
"Then we want to get into the community and actually work with the Boy Scouts, the Girl Scouts, community organizations. We actually want to expand this. If you look at what's happening in our community, that this Stop the Bleed is more than stopping the bleeding, it's like stop the violence," said Tom Causer, the trauma coordinator for Conemaugh Hospital's Level 1 Trauma Center.
There are only four schools left in Cambria and Somerset Counties that still need to be trained on how to use tourniquets properly and potentially save someone's life.

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