Three-Year-Old Survives Dog Attack

By Christian Heilman

Published 07/25 2014 06:16PM

Updated 07/25 2014 06:28PM

EVERETT, BEDFORD COUNTY -- The family is just happy their daughter is alive after what can only be described as a terrifying situation.
Three year old Brooklyn has not left her parents' side.
Amanda Lewis, her mother, said, "She's just been stuck to me or her dad. "
The pit bull attack scared her -- and her entire family.
Her father Justin Bowers said, "I couldn't imagine what would happen to her, if she was going to make it or if she was going to die."
Lewis said, "My heart just thought I'm going to lose my daughter."
Little Brooklyn clings to her new friends -- Beanie Babies she received from Bedford Hospital and the flight to Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh.
Bowers said, "She's in severe pain, and I just can't stand to see her like that."
The family got out of their car on Milk and Water Road near Everett because Brooklyn wanted to look for deer. They were outside with their own pit bull for a few minutes when they saw something move in the bushes.
Bowers said, "When I went to go grab my three-year-old it was already too late."
The following 30 seconds felt like an eternity for the family as they tried to free their daughter.
Bowers said, "It's instant fear and terror when you’re not sure if your kid is going to live or die or not. I just had to do anything I could to get her in that car."
After 300 stitches, plastic surgery and four days in the hospital, the family is asking others to be alert around strange dogs.
Lewis said, “We just wish we could take the pain we wish it was us instead of her. “
As pit bull owners themselves, they have no ill will towards the dog. They just don't want anyone to have to go through the same nightmare.

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