Thompson And Dumas React After US House Race

Rep. Glenn Thompson (R) beats Charles Dumas (D) 172,616-101.866 (63%-37%) to retain 5th District seat in US House of Representatives.

In the race for the seat in the US house's 5th district, the incumbent, Glenn Thompson wins for a third term in that seat collecting 63%  of the vote.

Runner up democrat Charles Dumas was looking to take his spot in the house... A Penn state fraternity honored the Penn state professor at the dittany lion inn, before he watched the results privately... Meanwhile the republican Thompson watched with many of his supporters at champs in state college. What started as a viewing party, turned into a victory party for Thompson...?  Now that he's been reelected, Thompson wants to win more voters over with his policies, and says he will work across the aisle.

"....I have been working in a bipartisan way, when you look at the bills that I've put forward, including the ones that frankly president Obama signed into law.... When I introduce a bill, it's in response to a real need, and im realistic, I want it to be bipartisan, cause I want it to pass,
 I want it to make a difference.... For those who I haven't communicated well with, imp going to try to do my best and try to do that better, I take that responsibility very seriously.... To me to represent means that you're spending time communicating with the people that you serve..."

This will be Thompson's third term in the House of Representatives...

Dumas on the other hand says he will remember the whole campaign as a positive, and admires Thompson for his bipartisan work, saying that his favorite part of the 2012 campaign nationally was NJ Governor Chris Christie working with President Obama after Hurricane Sandy.

"...enjoy the process, the process, however it turns out, it's been a wonderful process, because we have been involved in the American system of
government which is the greatest in the world.... How to work with the president, how to work with republicans how to work with democrats, and how to work with whoever is going to be there to help  us solve the problems... Watching a Democratic president and a Republican governor sit there and shake hands and figure out how to solve the
 problems of New Jersey, I think that was a wonderful example for all of us..."

Dumas added before the results were in that the 5th district was in good hands, no matter who won the race.

"....they have a good representative no matter who it is, and they have made their choice and please lets all keep working together. Democrats and Republicans to solve the problems that we have in this district....."

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