Texting While Driving Now Illegal In PA

ALTOONA, BLAIR COUNTY - Leaving your phone at home won't kill you, but texting and driving just might.

It's time for your phone to take the back seat.

A new statewide texting ban while driving ban starts Thursday.

The law makes texting while driving a primary offence in Pennsylvania.

Talking on the phone or using a hands-free device is still legal, but sending, reading, or writing a text based message of any kind is now illegal in the state.

The law doesn't just apply to teenagers either, it affects all drivers.

High School sophomore Erik Wagner was one of many teens Thursday who learned firsthand just how tough multi-tasking your phone and the wheel can be. 

"First of all you're trying to concentrate on one thing, driving, and then you're getting all these texts on your phone trying to answer them," Wagner explains.

Fellow teen, Bailey Deleo agrees.

"In the game I passed the finish line twice and I didn't even realize it I was so busy with my phone. I barely got a chance to look up."
You can't get text or write anything without taking your eyes, mind and hands off the road, and that's what makes this form of distracting driving particularly dangerous, Pennsylvania Traffic Injury and Prevention spokeswoman, Kelly Whitaker says.

"There are distractions naturally in our lives, but if we can limit them as much as possible it's going to make us safer drivers."

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