Texting While Driving Ban Starts Thursday

BLAIR COUNTY - Statewide texting ban takes affect Thursday.

It doesn't matter whether you're sending a text or reading an email, if you're driving and caught typing or reading anything on your phone - starting March 8 - you can be pulled over for it.

The texting ban applies to drivers of any age.

Talking on the phone while driving will still be permitted.

You can still talk on your phone or use a hands-free device.

The law will ban sending, reading, or writing a text based message of any kind.

The infraction will become a primary offense, which means that if a cop catches you that can be the sole reason they pull you over.

PennDOT says the law is designed that way because texting and driving impacts everyone on the road.

"A lot of texting and driving crashes are going across that center line and hitting someone else. This law is to protect not only yourself but also the other person coming down the highway," says Pam Kane of District 9.

If busted, drivers face a $50 fine.

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