Take This Job & Love it: WALY 103.9

For today's "Take This Job and Love It," Dawn joins K.C. O'Day and Jay Parks from WALY 103.9, stepping away from the camera and into a radio studio! K.C. and Jay have been co-hosting their morning radio show on WALY for the past 4 years. But, how would they feel about adding Dawn into the mix?

The day started off great! K.C. and Jay explained the job and said they make it work because they work well together. They get along and the have a lot of fun! They also do a lot of work. And, they were ready to put Dawn through her paces! She read the "kicker", a funny story that ends the news break on a lighter note. She also read "What's Happening in WALY World".  Then, she read the news, weather and sports! Sports scores didn't go so well, but Dawn really enjoyed learning how to "talk up" a song! That's the radio term for introducing a song to the listeners before the singer sings his or her first note. And, if you know Dawn, you know she loves Duran Duran, so K.C. and Jay gave her a Duran Duran song to "talk up". Their song of choice? "Hungry Like the Wolf". She also had a chance to talk up "Moves Like Jagger" by Maroon 5.

In the end, K.C. and Jay gave Dawn an A plus!

Dawn says: "Many thanks to K.C. Jay and all at WALY 103.9 for allowing me to crash their morning show party!  They kept joking around, saying that I'd be revealing to the world that they don't do any work on the job. That is definitely not the case! They work hard and love what they do! You can't ask for more than that!  Of course, I had to reveal a little secret about K.C. and Jay and their love for a certain singer named "Adele". Let's just say they have an emotional connection to her (wink wink)!  Watch this "Take this Job" story to find out more!"

And, be sure to tune in to WALY 103.9 on Monday between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m to hear K.C. and Jay's take on Dawn's performance in the booth.

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