Suspect getting mental evaluation after Cambria County standoff

Blandburg, Cambria County, Pa. - A scary situation unfolded in Cambria County Monday.

Police were involved in a tense standoff with an armed man firing shots. It happened at a home in Blandburg on Reade Street.

"I'm thinking okay, this isn't going to end very well," Brooke Stephanic, who watched the incident from her window, said. "When more cops showed up and the SWAT team showed up it was kind of scary, it was dramatic."

Officers told us they were originally called to the home to check on a 22-year-old who was threatening to harm himself.

When they got to the scene, officials said the armed suspect was barricaded. Shots were fired by him both inside and outside the home.

"We were kind of scared that shots were going to be fired, but we didn't know in which direction," Stephanic said. "Then my boyfriend made the comment while we were sitting upstairs watching that if we hear shots fired we move away from the window."

Neighbors told us the suspect's name is Tyler. He actually live-streamed the scary situation, where you could see him waving a gun and even firing his gun.

Nearly 5-hours later we're told he eventually came out of his house. That's when officers were able to take him into custody.

"Up here I would never imagine something like this with it being a small town, but now all these drugs are coming into town it was bound to happen," Stephanic mentioned.

The suspect has been taken for a mental evaluation. Once it's complete officers will decide on charges.

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