Summer Rocks with this Summer Camp!

ALTOONA, BLAIR COUNTY -- Summer Rocks is the theme of this all outdoor camp in Blair County.

"You get exercise and it's good to get exercise because it keeps you healthy," says 9 year old Eryka who's spending her 3rd year here at Blair Rec Commission's Valley View Summer Camp.

 Eryka adds, "There's just a lot of kids here. It's fun to play with all of them and I usually am just stuck with my brothers at the house."

The 50+ kids enjoy all sorts of activities with themed weeks.

Camp Director Cindy Craig explains. "We'll do the field trips. We'll take them on the hikes and there is a crick down here. They love getting in the crick."

Summer Rocks Camper Brayden says, "I get to play dodgeball on the playground and some friends chase me around. "

Brayden even brings his karaoke machine along for campers to sing and dance.

And if they weren't here?

"They would be home right now on the computers.  When they first came there, they were wanting to come home to do that but I think they haven't had any complaints recently," says Craig.

Camper Katheryn agrees. "It isn't always good for us especially to sit in front of video games all day."

And these Summer Rock campers know as Brayden says, "If you're just not going to be healthy, then you won't be able to do any sports, you'll get sick and it's a bad thing."

The second and final two week Summer Rocks session begins July 15th at Leopold Park near Altoona.

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