Strip club outrages residents in Bedford County

BREEZEWOOD, Pa. - This past weekend, people driving through Breezewood, Bedford County saw signs for a new gentlemen's club pop-up on one of the old businesses. The building is in the middle of town and could be the first thing that travelers see.

Thousands of people pass through Breezewood every day and over the weekend, many saw something new on their drive.

"Banners. Big Banners 'Completely nude girls' '27/7' 'Triple X' Right here in the, right along the highway," Bedford County resident Steven Leydig said.

 The signs were put up on the outside of an abandoned building in the middle of the highway junction, but the signs were taken down at the beginning of the week. 

Highway Oasis posted a message on their Facebook page saying that this was just the soft opening and they would reopen after renovations. 

East Providence Township officials said they're investigating the club and reviewing their ordinances but wouldn't explain why. 

It's the location that's the most upsetting for residents.

"The people coming from church, and they have to drive by that... that’s just so tacky." Bedford County resident Becky Sawyer said.

"People don't want their kids to see that. They don't want that to be, plus it's about 2/10 of a mile from school so it was a real big shock," Bedford County resident Matt Smith said.


The Pennsylvania Municipal Code Alliance is investigating to see if there are code violations, but wouldn't say why Highway Oasis was shut down. 


WTAJ’s Hannah Smith spoke with a Highway Oasis employee who said they want to be a friendly neighbor just like the other businesses. 


Stay with WTAJ as this story develops.

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