Rock Run ATV Park

PATTON, CAMBRIA COUNTY --- The more than 6,000 acres that make up Rock Run are old mining lands.  When the previous owners filed for bankruptcy, Representative Gary Haluska and other state officials moved in.

“Eventually through the bankruptcy procedure we ended up getting the land purchased through a grant from DCNR so the Cambria County Rec. Authority could purchase the land," Haluska said.

The park is now a non-profit organization owned by the Cambria County Rec. Authority.  The first phase opened in may of 2007.  Four more phases are in the works. 

"We have 50 miles plus of trails right now, we would like to end up with about 180 to 200 miles of trails," Haluska said.

Park officials are looking to add trails for jeeps and other off-road vehicles.  They're also planning to add practice tracks for dirt bikes and ATVs.  Off road aficionados are exited about the planned expansions, but say the 50 miles they already have are more than a day's worth of riding.  

"I've been here five times, and I still haven't covered all the trails, there’s so much to do.  You come for 3, 4, 5 hours and there's still trails you haven't been on," Dave White of Hollidaysburg said. 

Many riders are used to tooling around on logging trails and other private properties.  At rock run they don't have to worry about getting cited for trespassing or riding on dangerous trails.

"That's what we're all about, providing a safe, public place to come and ride where you don't have to look over your shoulder, you don't have to worry about getting fined if you get stopped or if you're destroying something," Haluska said. 

Currently the park is only open in the spring and summer months, but Haluska says park officials are looking into keeping it open year round.  He says there's the possibility of adding snowmobile trails in the winter. 

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