Lake Rowena

EBENSBURG, CAMBRIA COUNTY --- Lake Rowena has been a part of the Ebensburg community for more than 200 years.  Today it's used primarily for fishing, but over the year's it’s played a variety of roles in the community.

The lake was originally built as a mill pond fed by natural springs it was part of the Shenkle Gristmill property.

Hundreds of people passed it every day since it sat next to a toll booth on the old Huntingdon, Cambria, Indiana turnpike, which served as a major link between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.   

The property changed hands several times in the early 1900's, but after the flood of ‘36, the lake was completely destroyed and the county gained ownership.  In 1950 work was finally underway to rebuild the lake.  The dam was to be 15 feet high and 600 feet long.  Lake Rowena would have a maximum depth of 13 and a half feet.

Over the years it was used for boating, fishing, swimming, and ice skating in the winter.  At times it's even been used to supply water to the borough during extremely dry periods.  These days though most use it for relaxation. 

Lake Rowena is regularly stocked with trout.  On a good day anglers can catch and release dozens of fish.  Boaters can take to the water to try test their skills in the deeper spots, and hikers can enjoy the mile long walking trail that surrounds the lake.

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