Ebensburg Community Events

EBENSBURG, CAMBRIA COUNTY --- Located at the center of Cambia County, Ebensburg has everything one would expect to find in a small town.  There’s a main street, family owned shops, and a number of community events held throughout the year.

"We host the events to bring people to Ebensburg to patronize the local businesses in town.  All the proceeds from the events go back into the community for things like our banner program and other things like that in the community," Director of Community Development Christine Strugala said.

The events include Potatofest, Wheels ‘n Wings, Homecoming, and Dickens of a Christmas.  They date back to the county's bicentennial back in 1997.  They started as a way to unite the people of Ebensburg.  They've now grown, and are bringing entire communities together.  

"Many of our events have grown so big that we're drawing from outside of the region.  We're bringing people into our small town to encompass the true spirit of what we're here to do."

And the number of events has grown as well.  Wheels ‘n Wings was added four years ago to be a part of the Thunder in the Valley activities.  A year after that they started Dickens of a Christmas. 

"As we've evolved as a town volunteers continue to come up with new ideas and they've been very popular and continue to grow," Strugala said.

They've become so popular the community looks forward to them year round. 

"Were very proud of our community, it's something that the small town like Ebensburg coming together every year, we're very proud of what we have to offer," Strugala said.

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